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Be a successful photographer

New to photography?

The Complete course for beginners.

Have a compact, semi DSLR or a DSLR camera? this is the course for you. Your first step into the fascinating world of photography!

This course will take you from shooting ordinary subjects into

beautiful images!


From a beginner to advanced camera enthusiast.

Level II will take you to the next step where you will rapidly progress to be a knowledgeable photographer where there are no barriers to imagination!

You will learn different techniques,

shoot under most difficult lighting conditions.


Advanced Photoshop

Level II will transform you into a knowledgeable photographer who knows a camera AND image editing, and how both compliment each other.

Knowing Photoshop is the key to a captivating photograph! A near dead photograph can be brought back to life!



Foundation level I

beginner’s photography course

Foundation level ii

beginner’s photography course

Dates & Registration

photoshop  level ii

advance photoshop course

Image editing - icing on the cake!

“Often my photos don’t match with

the scene” - that’s an experience shared by many.

Transform your snapshots into a breathtaking photograph’!

Whether you have a compact camera or a DSLR, this is the course which will take your images to a higher level. A must for every photographer.


photoshop  level I

beginner’s photoshop course


Feel the happiness of capturing breathtaking pictures !

Start right, learn photography from someone who knows the subject inside out.

learn photography at IPS, from an experienced photographer.

Discover an artist within you !

photography for everyone

Photography courses for working people

Photoshop courses for working people

Before         after
Before         after

Shri. Shridhar Kunte, addressing

photographers’ queries in IPS’ Q&A programme.

Students’ work

The teaching method, excellent quality of displays made learning photography an easy task. I will strongly  recommend IPS’ Foundation course in photography  for everyone !

- Mrs. Shilpa Nair


The lighter way of knowing theory, was refined further with practical sessions. It’s a rewarding experience learning photography at IPS.

I have been successful in achieving great results in what I was dreaming of  !

- Mrs. Preeti Varma