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Institute of Photographic Studies – IPS, was esablished by Uday Kanitkar to provide right knowledge & empower aspiring photographers. It was in 1992, the time was very difficult to learn a photography. It was people like you reading about photography, and many were struggling in dark, and were trying  to develop the skills.

About the IPS symbol

The first instance when you see the IPS symbol, you may see it as a flower, as a beautiful blossoming Lotus, then you are right!

But there is more to it – it actually has different lens designs in it, from simple to aspheric. It reflects the solid foundation and understanding of  imaging technology, on which IPS began, and continues to share the knowlwdge with aspiring students.

Many firsts

As said above, IPS hosted Thane's first international slide show with over select 450 slides 42 countries, from subjects like pictorial, landscapes, photojournalism, wildlife.

IPS began first photography course with absolute scientific approach to learn photography and   the enjoy photographic art.

IPS was first to begin photographic lectures (1995), on various subjects for passed out students to further enhance their skills on an ongoing basis,

IPS was first to organise photographic outings (1996) where students could transform the knowledge they accquired in lectures and share their ideas and refine their skills.

IPS was established in May 1992, with a Thane’s first internatinal slide show. It screend more than 450 slides from over 40 countries, including USA, Germany, UK, etc. and of course from India.  

The orange colour is from the rising Sun, full of energy, source of infinite range of lighting effects. Adaption of the orange colour is an attempt to honour the allmighty Sun, without which, there is no life, no photography.

The symbol was created by Uday Kanitkar, in 1992.

These people kept me for asking tips and tricks for taking better photographs, and eventually, also pursuaded me to begin a formal time bound photography course. Thus, IPS was born and the credit goes to people like you – who wanted to conquer The Everest  of photographic world. I thank all those people who pursuaded to teach photography, and established IPS.

Many fascinating photographs with amazing clarity, purity of colour- rather a riot of colour was making the screen alive. And the subjects too were varied–from nature, to wildlife, photojournalism. The venue was overflowing with photography enthusiasts, with people standing in corners, corridors !

IPS has a museum of photographic equipment (1992) , again, first  and probably the only one of it's kind in the city of Thane.

IPS always possessed modern, photographic lighting system, alongwith range of professional studio hardware and light measuring instruments.


About the mentor

You learn photography from internationally recognised and awarded  (by FIAP) photographer (1992), Uday Kanitkar, who also has to his credit many pictures selected for national level accredited (by FIP, IIPC) photography exhibitions.

He is a practising comercial and industrial photographer with huge wealth of technical and artistic knowledge.

He was a visiting faculty at Joshi Bedekar College, Thane, Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai.